Dub Vibration Dub Label

Since 2009 the net label Dub Vibration is dedicated to promote and give exposure to artists, producers, collectives and bands worldwide underground scene Dub.

With the aim of diffusing (first and foremost) up and coming “overground” reggae and dub artists, who share a common aim in consciousness along with a deep love of reggae, Dub Vibrations is proud to announce a series of compilations featuring unreleased tracks from some of the best acts out there on the web, as well as several well established ones.

Dub Vibrations is a project run by the Revolutionary Dub Gatherers OUTERNATIONAL COLLECTIVE : a group of people with conscious Roots and Dubwise in mind. Along with the release of dub compilation  series of compilations, under the Creative Commons License, we will also focus in doing our best and using all our joint contacts within the music industry, to promote them and their works, to the best of our abilities.

“As we extend the hand of universal brotherhood to all, without regard to race or colour, so we condemn any social or political order which distinguishes among God’s children on this most specious of grounds.”

HIM Emperor Haile Sellassie I , in November 02/1966